Jon King is a producer and director of documentary films.


Many of Jon’s films shine a light on challenging social issues, but highlight unusual or unknown solutions. Jon’s gentle, reflective filmmaking style enables the viewer to feel as if they are discovering and exploring the subject for themselves.


Jon is the managing director of Envisuals, a small video production company based in Yorkshire. Envisuals creates promotional films and animations for businesses. Jon studied filmmaking at the University of Bradford, and graduated in 2007. Since then Jon has worked as a freelance filmmaker, working for a diverse mix of commercial clients. Since 2015, Jon has been producing independent documentaries on a range of subjects.


Bartle (2019)

Documentary Short (12 mins)

Producer and Director


In a remote part of Yorkshire, villagers gather for a bizarre, ancient ritual.


For hundreds of years, the people of West Witton have celebrated the execution of a medieval sheep-rustler. Thought to date back to the middle ages, it’s one of the oldest traditions of its kind.

Bartle meets the men who lead this ritual, examines why they do it, and what it means to keep such a tradition alive.


Britain’s Housing Crisis: A People-Powered Solution (2018)

TV-format Documentary (24 mins)

Producer, Director and co-writer


Award-winning broadcaster Peg Alexander meets communities who are working together to overcome the UK's housing crisis.


Less than half of us know our neighbours. And Britain's housing crisis means that we’re running out of homes, fast. But there’s a quiet revolution going on… In this 30-minute documentary, Peg Alexander meets some of the people who are taking control of their housing in an attempt to create better places to live. Some are fighting the demolition of perfectly good homes, whilst others are designing brand new, close-knit communities within their cities. Can they really make a difference?


Handmade (2016)

Commercial commission (3 mins)

Producer and Director


In the Yorkshire Dales, Anthony and Jo use traditional techniques to create and restore furniture.


Anthony and Jo work in partnership creating  handmade furniture and offering an interior design service. Their traditional methods of furniture-making are almost extinct. The film explores their passion for their craft, and its connection to the landscape around them.

Means to an End (2015)

Short Documentary (19 mins)

Producer and Director


This short documentary film highlights problems with the UK’s benefits system, and suggests a surprising solution.


Means to an End makes the case for a Universal Basic Income. An idea which is, in essence, simple, but has the potential to solve the many problems of the UK’s social security system. The film was shot in 2015, when the idea of Universal Basic Income was barely known, and when austerity was taking a grip on the UK. This film features expert interviews with leading names on the subject, including economist Guy Standing, author of The Precariat



Jon can be contacted via his production company, Envisuals.

+44 (0)1274 905 453